Get off your ass. Sober up a bit. We’re going to go sledding.

It’s time to reconnect with your childhood. There’s a fresh layer of snow outside just begging for you to slide down. The only problem? Who brings a sled to college? Do you buy one? Hell no. No one wants to spend 40 bucks on a shitty piece of foam or plastic. Here are some quick and easy ways to get a kick-ass sled on your college budget.

5. The Classic Cafeteria Tray


Chances are your parents probably used cafeteria trays to go sledding during their LSD laced college days. The question remains, how do you get them out of the dining commons without being caught? One quick and easy way is to wear a big jacket. It’s winter. No one’s going to suspect that you’re hiding a couple of trays under that bulky parka.

Performance: The cafeteria trays do pretty well, but they lack surface area to stay on for a long period of time. Chances are, you’re probably going to fall off a few times before you get your technique right.

4. A Shower Curtain


Depending on how thickness of your shower curtain, this may or may not work, but if you’re in a rush, chances are you probably have a shower curtain in your bathroom that you can use. If you have the option to pick between either the exterior curtain or interior liner, you’re better of sledding with the interior one because it’s thicker.

Performance: The shower curtain does a lot better on the hard pack snow than the cafeteria tray. You should be able to get a couple people in the same shower curtain on the same go. One downside is that you’ll probably want to buy a new one before you take your next shower.

3. Storage Bins


When you came to college, you probably brought a ton of stuff in one of these storage bins. Check your closet or under your bed. Storage bins make great sleds. All you need to do is leave the top at home. Bring the bottom bin piece to the hill and sled away.

Performance: Of all of the sleds in this list. The storage bin offers the most protection. With walls on all four sides, you’ll feel like you’re going down the hill in a car without breaks.

2. Inflatables


Break out the old inner tubes, inflatable sharks, and air mattresses. If you went to Cancun last spring break, try to remember where you stored them. In all honesty, anything inflatable will work well.

Performance: It’s hard to compete with it, but it all comes down to what type it is. Best recommendation is to use your Cancun inner tube because you probably wont be able to inflate that mattress after you pop a hole in it.

1. Cardboard + Tape


You guessed it! Cardboard is the best budget sled out there. It’s easy to get a couple pizza or beer boxes and wrap them with either duct tape or packing tape to keep it waterproof. You can even get creative with the size or shape of the sled.

Performance: Hands down, the cardboard sled is the best type. With it being as customizable as you want to make it, you’ll be flying down hills faster than any of your friends with cafeteria trays or shower curtains.

Extra Pro Tip: Cardboard sleds double as great shields for snowball fights!

Now go and enjoy your new sled. Throw some snowballs. Make snow angels. Hell, bring that flask and have a good time. Be sure to remember, if there’s ever anything you’d like to buy and save money on, check out Upcrated. We help college students stretch the value of their dollars by purchasing items in groups.