Why shop this way?
We are in the same boat as you, college students looking to save a buck, so we want to be sure that you can save as much money as possible. And this is the best way to do it! It lets us keep our costs down, and therefore line your pocket with more dollar bills for late night pizza or what ever else you fancy.
What if my product does not get fully funded?
You won’t get charged a penny! In fact, that means you now have some extra cash to pledge for another product or go out to dinner with.
I want my products shipped out faster? What can I do?
Share it with your friends! The more people who see the deal the more pledge and the fast it gets fully funded.
If the product sent is a defect or happens to be the wrong one we will happily refund your purchase! However since we order things in exact quantities for every bulk purchase, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges that are not due to errors on our end.

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